St Andrew’s Mission Hospital (SAMH) was founded as a free dispensary for poor local and migrant women and children in 1913. As demand for such services was overwhelming, a hospital was built and opened in 1923. Located along Erskine Road, SAMH for Women and Children was a 3-storey, 60-bed hospital equipped with an outpatient clinic. SAMH was a pioneer healthcare provider in Singapore then, and was also the first to provide training of local nurses. Today, SAMH continues to serve the community by operating not only the St Andrew’s Community Hospital (the first community hospital in Singapore), but also St Andrew’s Autism Centre, SAMH Clinics, St Andrew’s Nursing Homes and St Andrew’s Senior Care, all located in the heartlands of Singapore.

Photo by: SAMH and Singapore Anglican Community Services

PDF format articles Editorial
The Facts, Fallacies and Uncertainties about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Tow Keang Lim

PDF format articles Original Articles
High Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT) Imaging Findings of Oval Window Atresia with Surgical Correlation
Hau Wei Khoo, Chih Ching Choong, Seng Beng Yeo, Julian PN Goh, Tiong Yong Tan

Effects of Cast Immobilisation on Skin Barrier Function
Chin Yee Woo, Mark JA Koh, Winnie KY Fung, Cheri SH Chan, Chong Bing Chua, Guan Tzu Tay, Sanchalika Acharyya, Gloria FH Chew, Nicole KL Lee, Kevin BL Lim

Mid-term Outcomes of Patients with Central Venous Occlusive Disease Undergoing Surveillance Venography and Intervention
Hui Lin Wong, Shaun Xavier JM Chan, Satheesh Ramamuthy, Kiang Hong Tay, Tze Tec Chong, Chieh Suai Tan, Ankur Patel, Chow Wei Too, Farah Gillan Irani, Lina HL Choong, Siew Ping Chng, Bien Soo Tan

Epidemiology and Factors Associated with Remission of Pemphigus Vulgaris and Foliaceus in Singapore
Sophie CS Cai, Xiahong Zhao, Mark BY Tang, Yen Loo Lim

PDF format articles Review Article
Current Status of Laparoscopic and Robotic Pancreatic Surgery and Its Adoption in Singapore
Brian KP Goh, Roxanne Y Teo

PDF format articles Commentaries
Autism Spectrum Disorder and COVID-19: Helping Caregivers Navigate the Pandemic
Tammy Lim, Mae Yue Tan, Ramkumar Aishworiya, Ying Qi Kang

Otolaryngology Surgery in Time of COVID-19—What PPE to Use When?
Jian Li Tan, Valerie SL Tay, Hao Li, Jin Keat Siow, Brenda SP Ang, Seng Beng Yeo

PDF format articles Letters to the Editor
Inflammatory Markers in COVID-19
Sudhir Bhandari, Shrikant Sharma, Abhishek Bhargava, Prakash Keswani, Ramji Sharma, Ajeet Shekhawat

COVID-19: Critical Role of Angiotensin 1-7 in ACE2 Modulation
Ching Siang Tan, Siang Fei Yeoh, Chiau Ming Long

Post-Critical Care COVID-19 Patient Benefits from a Robotic Patient-Guided Suspension System for Pulmonary Rehabilitation
San San Tay, Edmund JR Neo, Mark MJ Tan, Pei Ling Tan

Outcomes of Surgically Treated Fingertip Injuries in Migrant Workers
Wai-Keong Mak, Joseph MY Cheah, David TC Chua, Hamid Rahmatullah Bin Abd Razak

The Role of Social Media during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Eng Koon Ong, Chu Hsien Lim, Alexandra JTY Wong

Rationale for a Singapore Transthyretin Amyloidosis Registry
Weiqin Lin

Initial Experiences of Laboratory Diagnosis of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Singapore General Hospital
Kian Sing Chan, Karrie KK Ko, Tse Hsien Koh, Danielle WL Ho, Yvonne FZ Chan, Thuan Tong Tan, Lynette LE Oon

PDF format articles Images in Medicine
Not Another Rodent Ulcer
Xiaotian Wu, Ling Yee Kuan, Jiun Yit Pan