• Vol. 41 No. 7, 315–322
  • 15 July 2012

8th FY Khoo Memorial Lecture 2012 —Why Radiologists Need Philosophy


Firstly, I wish to thank the Singapore Radiological Society and the College of Radiologists, Singapore for deeply honouring me with the invitation to give the FY Khoo Memorial Lecture for this year’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Today, I will present you an argument that radiologists should be conscious of philosophy as an integral part of our training and clinical practice. This lecture explores the 5 main branches of philosophy as they apply to radiology. In doing so, I will show that we use these philosophical themes in our work constantly, and hopefully this will highlight the need for some appreciation of philosophy in medical imaging today. As I go through each of these branches, I will highlight how they pertain to medical imaging. And finally, I will conclude (and hopefully you will agree) that we need a more philosophical approach to our learning and practice. Of course, I should make a disclaimer first —as you know, I am not a philosopher, so I am learning as well. Nevertheless, despite my credentials as an amateur student of philosophy, I hope to at least raise the curtain on some philosophical concepts, and along the way show that all the key domains of philosophy are highly relevant to medical imaging.

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