• Vol. 28 No. 5, 753–756
  • 15 September 1999

A Case Report of a Vital Replanted Tooth with Unfavourable Extra-alveolar Condition: A 10-Year Follow-up



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This case report describes the survival of a maxillary left central incisor after an avulsion injury under unfavourable extra-alveolar condition, when the patient was 9 years old. At subsequent clinical follow-ups, the tooth maintained vitality 10 years after the injury. There was sign of gradual obliteration of the root canal space. Concomitantly, the replanted tooth manifested typical characteristics of ankylosis with minimally detectable resorption complication.

Tooth avulsion, frequently of the maxillary central incisors, occurs most often in children from 7 to 9 years of age, when the periodontium surrounding the immature erupting teeth is loosely structured, providing minimal resistance to extrusive forces. Falls against hard objects, including those incurred during sports activities, are one of the main causes of avulsion in permanent dentition.

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