• Vol. 36 No. 7, 477–492
  • 15 July 2007

Academy of Medicine, Singapore – The Next Twenty-Five Years (1982-2007)



The Academy of Medicine has been the foremost medical specialist organisation during the last 50 years. Its key roles in postgraduate education and training, specialist certification and continuing professional education have steadily increased. From a little over 500 members 25 years ago, it has now over 2000 specialists as Fellows. The Academy has acquired a permanent home, restructured the organisation, changed several Chapters into Colleges and is set to take on greater responsibility and leadership role in specialist training, examination and certification, accreditation and continuing professional development and maintenance of high standards of specialist practice.

The Academy of Medicine was founded in 1957 as the professional corporate body of medical and dental specialists in Singapore. From a modest beginning with only 34 members, it has since grown in membership, activities, stature and international reputation. Of special mention among the major activities in the first 25 years were the formation of Chapters in major specialties, organisation of continuing medical education lectures, courses and congresses including the annual Singapore-Malaysia Congress, initiation of the School of Postgraduate Medical Studies and active participation in specialist training and examinations, publication of the Annals of the Academy of Medicine and setting up a roll of specialists.

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