• Vol. 37 No. 1, 69–71
  • 15 January 2008

An Unexpected Presentation of Endometriosis – A “Parasitic” Cyst of the Bowel in a Menopausal Woman on Hormone Therapy



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Introduction: This report describes a “parasitic” endometriotic cyst of the small bowel.

Clinical Picture: A menopausal woman with a pelvic mass presenting years after commencing hormone therapy.

Treatment: We performed laparoscopic excision of a cystic tumour attached to the small bowel with a solitary vascular pedicle.

Outcome: Histology confirmed it to be an endometriotic cyst of ovarian origin, probably resulting from spillage during previous surgery and reactivation with hormone therapy.

Conclusions: We discuss the possible aetiology of this unusual presentation of endometriosis and review the literature on parasitic gynaecological tumours.

Endometriosis commonly affects women during their reproductive years and may involve any organ. Although rare, endometriosis has been reported in postmenopausal women and is often associated with hormone replacement or tamoxifen.

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