• Vol. 50 No. 2, 195–197
  • 01 February 2021

An unusual submandibular tumour


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A woman in her 60s presented with a non-tender, non-enlarging swelling in the left submandibular triangle of the neck for 3 months. She had no significant past medical or surgical history. Examination showed a 2cm firm round lump in the left submandibular triangle, not attached to the skin, mandible and not palpable in the floor of the mouth bimanually. The rest of the head and neck examination including flexible nasolaryngoscopy was normal. Computed tomography (CT) of the neck showed a lobulated, well-circumscribed, heterogeneously enhancing mass in the left submandibular triangle. The mass was caudal to and abutting the left mylohyoid muscle; it also abutted the anterior belly of the left digastric muscle.

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