• Vol. 31 No. 4, 547–547
  • 15 July 2002

Book Review


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Textbook of Occupational Medicine Practice (2nd edition)

edited by D Koh, K S Chia and J Jeyaratnam

published by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd, Singapore, 2001

534 pages, available from World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 5 Toh Tuck Link, Singapore 596224

(Tel: 65-64665775, e-mail: sales@wspc.com.sg; website http://www.wspc.com.sg/books/medsci/4535.html)

Price: US$84 (hardcover) and US$42 (paperback)

Having ‘grown-up’ on occupational medicine practice textbooks traditionally written by European and American counterparts, I was pleasantly surprised to pick up a new book that has been edited and published locally, with strong contributions from largely local occupational health professionals and clinical medical specialists—a number of whom have been accorded international recognition, no less. Among those foreign contributors who have lent their “brand name” include Phoon Wai-On, J M Harrington and Aw Tar Ching.

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