• Vol. 33 No. 4 (Suppl), 77S–79S
  • 31 July 2004

Case Report of a Dermoid Cyst at the Floor of the Mouth



The growth of dermoid cysts at the floor of the mouth is considered a rare condition. Typically, intra-oral dermoid cysts present as non-tender, slow growing masses at the sublingual, submental and submandibular region. We report a case of a young adult male who presented at our hospital with a sublingual cyst superimposed with acute infection and failed antibiotic treatment. The cyst was excised and confirmed histopathologically as a dermoid cyst with overlying acute inflammation. Clinical progress was uneventful and postoperative recovery excellent with no recurrence.

A 19-year-old Indian male with a past history of “Ludwig’s angina” was seen at the Accident and Emergency Department of National University Hospital complaining of an acute swelling at the floor of the mouth for 2 days. The patient was seen the day before in an outpatient clinic and was given oral antibiotics without significant improvement.

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