• Vol. 38 No. 7, 660–661
  • 15 July 2009

Citation on Dr Boey Hong Khim 2009 FY Khoo Memorial Lecturer



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The perception of Radiology in the early 60s as paraclinical stems from the poor image the clinicians had for our limited resources in providing only plain film studies, VIPs and the single contrast barium studies which exclude only gross lesions. The evolution to clinical status started as early as the mid 60s. My personal recollection and reflection of the histological events that took place covered here highlights the reasons for the transformation from paraclinical to clinical and these form the main theme for this paper. Radiologists’ professionalism plays an infinite part in the evolution to clinical Radiology. Rapid technological advances in imaging help to propel Radiology to the forefront. But credit must go to the individual Radiologist for their personal efforts and contributions. Reflection on past events of Radiology in Singapore leading to the establishment of Clinical Radiology was presented. The future of Radiology is brought up for discussion on the role of Radiologists with reference to subspecialisation necessitated by the ever increasing advances in Medical Imaging and demand for Interventional Radiology.

I must first thank the Singapore Radiological Society (SRS) for giving me the privilege and honour of presenting this citation on the 2009 FY Khoo Memorial Lecturer, Dr Boey Hong Khim. I must also thank Dr Anthony Goh for kindly agreeing to read this citation for me as I am unfortunately unable to be present.

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