• Vol. 27 No. 4, 468–473
  • 15 July 1998

Day Hospital Rehabilitation for the Elderly: A Retrospective Study



Alexandra Hospital has the first Day Hospital for rehabilitation of the elderly in Singapore. To determine if functional skills and mobility improved significantly with a Day Hospital rehabilitation programme, and the factors influencing the outcome, a pre-test/post-test study was conducted on 30 male and 34 female patients discharged from the programme between 1 October 1995 and 30 June 1996. The Barthel Index was used to assess functional status and the Elderly Mobility Scale was used to assess mobility. All patients were assessed by trained therapists and scored on admission to and at discharge from the programme. We found a significant difference in the mean Barthel Index scores of 59.7 (SD 18.7) on admission and 71.4 (SD 20.5) at discharge (P <0.001). The difference in the mean Elderly Mobility Scale of 7.1 (SD 4.3) on admission and 11.8 (SD 4.7) at discharge was also significant (P <0.001). Improvement in functional skills and mobility were both inversely correlated with age. Multiple linear regression analysis showed that age and Barthel Index on admission were significant independent determinants of the Barthel Index at discharge, while age, Barthel Index and Elderly Mobility Score on admission significantly determined the Elderly Mobility Scale at discharge. This study showed that functional skills and mobility improved with rehabilitation in the elderly population, but younger and less severely disabled individuals tended to fare better.

Alexandra Hospital is the first hospital in Singapore with a Day Hospital for the elderly. One of the main functions of the Day Hospital is to rehabilitate the disabled elderly.

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