• Vol. 34 No. 10, 639–641
  • 15 November 2005

Dural Sinus Thrombosis after Minor Head Injury in a Child



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Introduction: Dural sinus thrombosis following minor head injury is rare. We report such a case in a child after mild head injury. Clinical Picture: A 4-year-old child presented with giddiness and vomiting after a fall. Clinical examination was unremarkable. Magnetic resonance venogram revealed thrombosis of the right sigmoid and transverse sinuses. Treatment: The patient was managed conservatively. Outcome: Repeat scans 10 weeks after injury showed recanalisation of the thrombosis. Conclusion: Dural sinus thrombosis should be excluded in children presenting with persistent giddiness and vomiting after minor head injury.

A healthy 4-year-old Chinese girl was admitted to the hospital after a fall from a one-metre-high chair. She sustained a minor head injury to her right temporal region. There was no loss of consciousness, visual disturbances or motor dysfunction after the fall. She had symptoms of vomiting a few hours after the fall. Skull X-rays at the emergency department did not show any fractures.

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