• Vol. 30 No. 1, 48–50
  • 15 January 2001

Melioidosis Splenic Abscess—An Unusual Presentation as Osteomyelitis of Rib



Introduction: We report an unusual case of splenic melioidosis abscess presenting as osteomyelitis.

Clinical Picture: A 74-year-old nondiabetic gentleman presents with a non-healing left chest wall abscess from osteomyelitis.

Treatment: He underwent rib resection and the infection was found to involve the underlying pleura, lung, adjacent stomach, liver and diaphragm with a splenic abscess. Splenectomy was performed. Histology showed suppurative granulomas and cultures grew Burkholderia pseudomallei.

Outcome: The patient recovered well with antibiotics.

Conclusion: Melioidosis should not be forgotten as a cause of chronic suppurative infections in our endemic population.

A 74-year-old Chinese gentleman first presented in February 1999 with an abscess over his left lower chest. He was treated for pulmonary tuberculosis in 1977.

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