• Vol. 27 No. 1, 112–115
  • 15 January 1998

Musculoskeletal Pain Clinic in Singapore—Sacroiliac Joint Somatic Dysfunction as Cause of Buttock Pain



Buttock pain was a predominant symptom in a series of patients seen with recalcitrant “backache” in the author’s pain clinic which has a musculoskeletal emphasis. Assessment suggested the sacroiliac joint as the culprit pain generator and patients underwent confirmatory testing which included fluoroscopy-guided intra-articular injections of lignocaine and steroid along with combined therapeutic modalities of oral analgesics, physical therapy, manual medicine techniques and ergonomic assessments. Two case reports illustrate this condition which is probably under-recognised and inadequately addressed locally.

Patient A, a 33-year-old male administrative coordinator presented with left buttock pain of 4 to 5 years duration which radiated down to the leg and lower back. There was no antecedent trauma.

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