• Vol. 28 No. 5, 749–752
  • 15 September 1999

Odontoameloblastoma: Report of a Case



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Odontoameloblastoma is a very rare odontogenic tumour that is similar to ameloblastoma in its locally aggressive behaviour. Its clinical presentation, however, often mimics the more innocuous odontoma, and hence the recognition of its aggressive nature is commonly only ascertained after its histopathologic diagnosis following enucleation. This paper presents a case of odontoameloblastoma. Some of the difficulties that may be encountered in the diagnosis and treatment planning of odontoameloblastomas are discussed.

Ameloblastoma is a benign but locally invasive tumour that affects the jaws. Although it is commonly regarded as a homogeneous group of tumours, detailed investigations have proven its clinicopathologic diversity.

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