• Vol. 27 No. 6, 763–766
  • 15 November 1998

Operative Treatment of Displaced Talar Neck Fractures



Twenty-two displaced talar neck fractures were treated by open reduction and internal fixation. Four open fractures were operated within 8 hours and 18 closed injuries were treated at an average interval of 13.8 hours after injury. Fractures were classified according to Hawkins’ classification into 14 type II, 7 type III and 1 type IV. At an average follow up of 4.4 years, 18 cases obtained excellent or good results. Result was fair in 2 cases of delayed union and 1 case of avascular necrosis. Another case of avascular necrosis developed osteoarthritis of the ankle and had poor result. The overall incidence of avascular necrosis of the body of the talus was 9%.

Talus is a weight bearing bone with peculiar anatomy and blood supply. It forms the ankle joint with the medial and lateral malleoli, subtalar joint with the calcaneum and talonavicular joint with the navicular bone.

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