• Vol. 27 No. 3, 448–452
  • 15 May 1998

Planning and Design of a Surgical Intensive Care Unit in a New Regional Hospital



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Critical care unit design has profound effect on work efficiency, infection control and psychology of patients and staff working in the area. A multidisciplinary team was involved in the design and planning of a surgical intensive care unit (SICU) in a new regional hospital. A Workgroup consisting of clinicians, nurses, engineers and hospital administrators were involved in its planning. The Hospital Planning Committee oversaw the activities of the Workgroup to ensure co-ordination and integration of the unit plan with the hospital plan. The issue on “single room” versus “open unit” patient room design was much debated. “‘Single room” concept was adopted and the cubicles were arranged radially facing a central station. Access of patients from the operating theatres and wards to the SICU was an important consideration. The design and facilities of various rooms in the SICU are described. New technology such as the automated guided vehicle, pneumatic tube system, floor mounted power column and closed circuit television were some of the useful assets available in the unit.

The Changi General Hospital is a new regional hospital in the eastern part of Singapore catering to a population of about 750 000. Planning of the hospital started since 1987 and construction began in 1992.

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