• Vol. 41 No. 6, 258–263
  • 15 June 2012

Policy Implications of The Singapore Mental Health Study



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This paper discusses the implications of the key findings of the Singapore Mental Health Study (SMHS) in the context of the first ever National Mental Health Policy and Blueprint (NMHPB). The SMHS was a cross-sectional epidemiological survey of the adult Singapore residents. The policy implications emanating from the findings of this study are discussed in this commentary. These pertain to initiatives to improve help-seeking behaviour, further developing the capability of the primary healthcare providers and the better integration of primary and specialist mental healthcare. Incorporation of mental health education and screening of mental disorders in the workforce should also be augmented with work practices that protect against discriminating those with mental disorders.

Mental health issues have taken on greater importance with the growing awareness among policy makers of the importance of mental health for the development of human, social and economic capital of a country and the realisation that it is illogical to introduce health-sector reforms without paying due attention to the mental health sector.

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