• Vol. 40 No. 3, 116–118
  • 15 March 2011

Postgraduate Training and Assessment in Hong Kong



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The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, established in 1993, is the only statutory body in Hong Kong to train, assess and accredit medical and dental specialists. According to the law in Hong Kong, a doctor or dentist who wishes to have his name included in the Specialist Register of Medical Council or Dental Council must either be a Fellow of the Academy or be assessed and certified by the Academy to have qualifications and training comparable to that required of an Academy Fellow. Once a doctor or dentist is on the Specialist Register, he must fulfil the continuing medical education requirements as determined by the Academy to maintain his specialist status. The Hospital Authority of Hong Kong has implemented the Doctor Work Reform (DWR) since 2006 which involves reduction of doctors’ work hours and may affect training. The long-term strategy of the Academy with regards to the issue of DWR is to modernise postgraduate medical education and closely monitor the process to ensure that the quality of training would not be affected.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong was founded in 1887 as the Hong Kong College of Medicine. It was the first faculty of the University of Hong Kong and was the only center for the training of western medicine until 1982 when the Chinese University established its medical school. The MBBS of the University of Hong Kong was first recognised by the UK Medical Council in 1913. These 2 medical schools have since been responsible for undergraduate medical education.

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