• Vol. 32 No. 4, 442–445
  • 15 July 2003

Preoperative High Resolution CT and MR Imaging in Cochlear Implantation



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Introduction: Accurate preoperative imaging of the temporal bone in patients receiving cochlear implants is important. High resolution computed tomography (HRCT) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging are the 2 preoperative imaging modalities that provide critical information on abnormalities of the otic capsule, pneumatisation of the mastoid, middle ear abnormalities, cochlear ducts patency and presence of cochlear nerve.

Materials and Methods: The HRCT and MR imaging in 46 cochlear implant patients in our department were reviewed.

Results: Majority of our patients [34 patients (73.9%)] showed normal HRCT of the temporal bone; 5 (10.9%) patients had labyrinthitis ossificans, 2 (4.3%) had Mondini’s abnormality and 2 (4.3%) had middle ear effusion. One patient each had high jugular bulb, hypoplasia of the internal auditory canal and single cochlear cavity, respectively.

Conclusion: The above findings contribute significantly to our surgical decisions regarding candidacy for surgery, side selection and surgical technique in cochlear implantation.

Candidates for cochlear implantation undergo a thorough audiological and medical assessment. The audiological assessment is done to ensure that these candidates who have bilateral profound or severe hearing loss have been given adequate hearing amplification, but show no significant benefit.

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