• Vol. 36 No. 11, 881–885
  • 15 November 2007

Some Milestones: Specialist Education, Training and Assessment in Singapore



Singapore had its most significant milestone in 1905 when the Singapore Medical School was founded. The Academy of Medicine, founded in 1957, celebrates its Golden Anniversary in 2007. Thus, the events that influenced the development of postgraduate medicine, specialist education, training and examinations commenced rightly from 1957. These are presented chronologically. The significant roles played by the Academy, the University’s Medical School and the Ministry of Health are highlighted, bearing in mind the ongoing developments in Singapore and globally over the years. To keep pace with the further developments and advances, the high gold standards in specialist training and assessment need to be refined with time. This can only be to the benefit of our patients and the community in Singapore and beyond.

First, let me thank the Master and Council, Academy of Medicine, for inviting me to speak at this celebration of the Academy’s 50th Anniversary. It is indeed an incredible privilege and honour, even more so to be associated with the oration that bears the name of our founding Master – Sir Gordon Arthur Ransome.

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