• Vol. 29 No. 6, 757–759
  • 15 November 2000

Squamous Cell Carcinoma arising in a Cutaneous Epidermal Cyst—A Case Report



Introduction: Cutaneous epidermal cysts are common lesions, but fortunately, malignant transformation of their epithelium is rare. There are only a few cases mentioned in recent literature, mostly occurring in epidermal cysts in the head and neck region.

Clinical Picture: We present a case of malignant transformation in a long-standing buttock epidermal cyst, presenting a month after trauma to the cyst.

Treatment: An excision biopsy and rotation flap was done. When the pathology was confirmed, a second resection was carried out and the defect covered with a free latissimus dorsi flap, a buttock rotation flap and a posterior thigh rotation flap.

Conclusion: Although malignant transformation is rare, this case illustrates the importance of routine histology in excision of epidermal cysts.

Epidermal cysts are common benign subcutaneous lesions. Malignant transformation in epidermal cysts is a rare but recognised occurrence.

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