• Vol. 31 No. 6, 805–807
  • 15 November 2002

Sudden Death Due to Granulomatous Myocarditis: A Case of Sarcoidosis?



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Introduction: We report a case of sudden death due to granulomatous myocarditis and propose that cardiac sarcoid could have been the underlying aetiology. This is the first case reported in Singapore. The differential diagnoses for granulomatous myocarditis including sarcoidosis and its cardiac manifestations as well as idiopathic giant cell myocarditis are discussed.

Clinical Picture: A 53-year-old Indian woman died suddenly and autopsy revealed bilateral hilar adenopathy and myocardial infiltrates which proved to be granulomatous in nature.

Conclusion: Sarcoidosis may not be a rarity here and it is important to recognise the different clinical manifestations.

Granulomatous myocarditis and sarcoidosis are considered uncommon entities in our local community and sudden death due to either condition has not been described in local literature. Earlier local reports have alluded to the fact that sarcoidosis may be more common amongst Indian females and that more cases may be identified in the future.

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