• Vol. 36 No. 7, 587–592
  • 15 July 2007

The Annals: Inspection & Projection


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The Annals of the Academy of Medicine has a short history with a steep learning graph. Five chief editors have nudged an in-house publication into a respectable general journal catering to the major specialties of Medicine. Its editors share an interest in Nature and humankind with its readership, consisting of specialists of all kinds. The Annals invests intellectual energy in the growth of biomedical knowledge and institutions in Singapore. Its editors believe that the journal’s forum for research and debate is an integral part of the infrastructure of Singapore’s biomedical science enterprise. The editors appeal to the enlarging community of bioscientists and clinician investigators to contribute more actively to the peer review of submitted articles. The rigour of peer review of new medical information reflects the quality of the experts’ skeptical thinking. This journal hopes, as a partner, to provide opportunities for authors to present their discoveries and thoughts in an exciting chapter of the nation’s history.

The lifespan, 35 years, of the Annals Academy of Medicine Singapore (as per PubMed) is about one human generation. It is a branch of the local Tree of Medical Knowledge; a little organic record that is subject to the biological and environmental forces acting within the community of specialists.

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