• Vol. 31 No. 3, 349–352
  • 15 May 2002

The Course of Pregnancy in a Patient with Nail-Patella Syndrome



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Introduction: The nail-patella syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant condition with high penetrance. Pregnancy in such a patient is rare and we believe this to be the first report of a live birth occurring in a patient with nail-patella syndrome.

Clinical Picture: A 25-year-old patient presented in her first pregnancy with nephrotic syndrome associated with characteristic bone abnormalities and nail dysplasia and was later diagnosed to have nail-patella syndrome. In her second pregnancy, the course of her pregnancy was complicated by further deterioration of renal function with superimposed pre-eclampsia resulting in early delivery at 28 weeks.

Conclusion: Such pregnancies should be regarded as high risk and managed jointly with the renal physician in a tertiary care centre to ensure an optimal outcome to the mother and baby.

The nail-patella syndrome (NPS) is a rare autosomal dominant disorder defined by the association of nail dysplasia, bone abnormalities and, frequently, renal disease. We report the course of pregnancy in a patient with such a condition.

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