• Vol. 35 No. 1, 60–61
  • 15 January 2006

Book Review


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The History of Medicine in Malaysia – The Foundation Years

By Muzaffar Desmond Tate Abdullah (1934-2004) and Completed by Khoo Kay Kim & Selvamany Gabriel

Published by Academy of Medicine of Malaysia in August 2005

Contact: Tel: 603-2093 0100, 2093 0200, 2092 5262; Fax: 603-2093 0900; Email: [email protected]

ISBN No. 983-42851-0-8, 120 pages, RM100 (hard cover) and RM60 (soft cover)

This book is the culmination of a decade of planning and research. Muzaffar Desmond Tate started writing the book but he died before it could be completed.

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