• Vol. 34 No. 6, 159C–162C
  • 15 July 2005

The Medical Students’ Societies and Medical Students’ Publications



King Edward VII (“KE”) had been synonymous with the medical school and its associated hall of residence at Sepoy Lines since the 1910s. After the school became the Medical Faculty, the illustrious name remained with the Hall, which was rebuilt in 1957. For almost 90 years, KE has kept alive the rich history and traditions of a bygone era that embodied the passion and pride of both Singapore and Malaysia. The heroism of some Keviians during the Second World War and other exploits have led to many legends of the Hall. In 1987, it moved to its present location at Kent Ridge, and opened its doors to students from all other faculties. We count many personalities among our alumni, including some of the most prominent physicians in our country. The exuberant hall life, cultural pursuits and achievements of the residents contribute to the strong spirit of endeavour. Keviians over the decades have lived, worked, played and served to uphold the motto that means so much to all of us: TO STRIVE, TO SEEK, TO SERVE.

For a very long time, King Edward VII (endearingly abbreviated “KE”) was synonymous with the medical school and its associated hall of residence. The name was first used for the School (later called College) in 1912 in recognition of a substantial gift from the King Edward VII Memorial Fund. It was to remain as such until 1949, when it became the Faculty of Medicine of the then University of Malaya

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