• Vol. 50 No. 2, 109–110
  • 01 February 2021

The Singapore Cerebral Palsy Registry: An important new resource for cerebral palsy research



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Cerebral palsy (CP) is a common, lifelong disorder of movement and posture resulting from an insult or maldevelopment of the developing brain. The movement disorders of CP are often accompanied by other associated sensory and cognitive impairments. For the majority of children (about 95% in high income countries), the brain injury responsible for their CP occurs in the pre/perinatal period. The birth prevalence for this group has been estimated to be 1.4 (95% confidence interval 1.3–1.6) children per 1,000 live births. The smaller, post-neonatal CP group refers to those children who acquire a brain injury beyond the neonatal period and before 2 years of age.

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