• Vol. 28 No. 1, 152–154
  • 15 January 1999

Tissue Microangiography Using a Simplified Barium Sulphate Cadaver Injection Technique



This study investigated the application of soft tissue X-ray imaging as a method of studying vascular anatomy in injected cadaveric specimens. The arterial system of the anatomical region of interest was perfused with a barium sulphate-gelatin suspension. After curing, the tissues were removed by meticulous dissection and examined using the soft tissue X-ray imaging system. This technique of microangiography was able to demonstrate the entire arterial system of the perfused specimen. This simplified technique shows great potential in the study of vascular anatomy of flaps.

The understanding of blood supply is the cornerstone of successful tissue transfer in reconstructive surgery. This understanding has been derived largely from cadaveric dissections, combined with injections to outline the blood supply.

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