• Vol. 33 No. 3, 351–355
  • 15 May 2004

Uncommon Benign Intrascrotal Tumours



Introduction: Benign intrascrotal tumours are rare.

Clinical Picture: Three patients with bilateral paratesticular leiomyomas, an adenomatoid tumour of the testis and a left paratesticular dermoid cyst coexisting with a synchronous left paratesticular epidermal cyst are presented. These tumours were discrete, hard and smooth lesions, in which the diagnosis of malignancy could not be safely excluded preoperatively even with ultrasonography.

Treatment and Outcome: The first patient had orchiectomy with contralateral testicular preserving surgery, the second patient underwent orchiectomy and the third had conservative testicular surgery.

Conclusion: Awareness of these benign tumours may allow for testicular preservation.

Leiomyomas of the urinary tract are exceedingly rare. They can, however, arise from almost any site within the genito-urinary tract, most commonly in the renal capsule and bilateral tumours are very rare.

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