• Vol. 29 No. 2, 253–255
  • 15 March 2000

Candida Arthritis in a Premature Infant Treated Successfully with Oral Fluconazole for Six Months



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Introduction: Candida arthritis in premature infants is a rare condition mainly treated with parenteral amphotericin B.

Clinical Picture: Arthritis 9 weeks after birth. The infection resulted out of colonisation at birth and fungaemia at day 6 and day 13 of life.

Treatment: Oral fluconazole for 6 months (5 mg/kg/day after loading with 7 mg/kg/day).

Outcome: Full remission.

Conclusions: Oral fluconazole is an alternative to parenteral amphotericin B in the treatment of premature infants, but proof of absorption and an extended treatment period according to prematurity might be warranted.

Candida arthritis in premature infants is regarded as a rare condition. The largest published series of 8 cases from one institution was from Bombay, India.

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