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Tag: paediatric medicine

Risk Factors for Predicting Mortality in a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Infections in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Childhood Leukaemia: Towards an Integrated Psychosocial Intervention Programme in Singapore

Caudal Morphine in Paediatric Patients: A Comparison of Two Different Doses...

A Retrospective Study of Infants with Severe Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension (PPHN)...

Five Paediatric Case Reports of the Use of Adenosine in Supraventricular...

Use of Central Venous Lines in Paediatrics—A Local Experience

Survey of Aerobic Bacterial Infections in Paediatric Surgical Intensive Care Unit...

Perinatal Drug Abuse in KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Parainfluenza Type 3 Viral Outbreak in a Neonatal Nursery

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Cardiac Effects of Psychotropic Drugs

Multifocal Skeletal Tuberculosis Presenting as Multiple Bone Cysts