• Vol. 35 No. 6, 425–427
  • 15 June 2006

Neonatal Priapism Associated With Spontaneous Bilateral Pyocavernositis



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Introduction: Neonatal priapism is known to be associated with a wide range of aetiologies, but an association with spontaneous purulent cavernositis has not been reported in the paediatric literature. We report the first of such case.

Clinical Picture: A 24-day-old neonate was brought with the history of persistent erection of penis since day 4 of life and swollen penis of 4 days’ duration, which revealed frank pus on cavernosal aspiration bilaterally.

Treatment: The child was treated with closed aspiration drainage; cross-irrigation with antibiotic solution under systemic antibiotic cover helped in achieving complete detumescence.

Outcome: On follow-up, child demonstrated normal full bladder tumescence and colour doppler revealed bilateral normal corporo-cavernosal appearance and blood flow, indicating good functional and anatomical recovery.

Conclusion: This case report describes the presentation, successful management and excellent functional and anatomical outcome, on follow-up, of this rare association of neonatal priapism with spontaneous bilateral pyocavernositis. An attempt has been made to describe the underlying pathophysiology.

Priapism is a pathological state of prolonged, generally painful erection, unassociated with sexual desire and not ending in ejaculation. Rare before the 1980s, this entity became more frequent after the introduction of vasoactive drugs for intracavernosal injections.

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