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Tag: july2008

“Bone Block” and Congenital Spine Deformity

Delayed and Extra-pontine Myelinolysis after Osmotic Dysregulation

Chylous Ascites in Recurrent Gynaecological Malignancies

Limb-Shaking Transient Ischemic Attack with Distal Micro-Embolic Signals and Impaired Cerebrovascular...

Progressive Hemi-facial Atrophy and Keratoconus

Massive Retroperitoneal Adrenal Haemorrhage as the First Manifestation of a Lung...

Neuropsychiatry – An Emerging Field

Placental Calcification in Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum

Holoprosencephaly: An Antenally-diagnosed Case Series and Subject Review

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Mutation Screening in KCNQ1, HERG, KCNE1, KCNE2 and SCN5A Genes in a Long QT...

Dietary Protein Intake in a Multi-ethnic Asian Population of Healthy Participants and Chronic Kidney...

Inadvertent Haemodialysis in a Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patient with Hypercalcaemia

Progressive Weakness, Cognitive Dysfunction and Seizures