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Jaw Pain in a Pemphigus Patient on Prednisolone, Mycophenolate Mofetil and...

Asia’s First Transapical Transcatheter Mitral Valve-in-Ring Implantation

Bullous Pesentation of Idiopathic Wells Syndrome (Eosinophilic Cellulitis)

Experience with a Community-based Multidisciplinary Memory Clinic: A Primary Care Perspective

Reversible Causes in Cardiovascular Collapse at the Emergency Department Using Ultrasonography...

Reasons and Factors Behind Post-Total Knee Arthroplasty Dissatisfaction in an Asian...

Breastfeeding – Healthcare Professionals Need to Do More

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Perioperative Outcomes of Therapeutic Breast Surgery in the Elderly

Characteristics, and Disease Control and Complications of Hypertensive Patients in Primary-care – A Community-based...

Avian Influenza and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness in Hong Kong

A 69-year-old woman with a linear rash