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Tag: Emergency Medicine

Determinants of emergency department utilisation by older adults in Singapore: A...

Pre- and apnoeic high-flow oxygenation for rapid sequence intubation in the...

A Review of Pedestrian Fatalities in Singapore from 1990 to 1994

Patients Admitted to an Intensive Care Unit for Poisoning

Drowning and Near-drowning—Some Lessons Learnt

Preparing for the silver boom: A falls prevention tool for older...

Book Review

Intravenous Adrenaline or Vasopressin in Sudden Cardiac Arrest: A Literature Review

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Bronchoscopy in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Pilot Study Using Technetium-99m Pertechnetate Sequential Radionuclide-Sialography to Assess Salivary Gland Function in Nasopharyngeal...

Sir John Wenman Crofton

Violence Against Healthcare Staff – A Multidimensional Problem