Tag: Hand Surgery

Managing and preventing severe hand injuries among sugarcane juicer operators

Soft Tissue Chondroma in the Finger: A Case Report and Review...

Radial Nerve Injury after Intravenous Cannulation at the Wrist—A Case Report

Establishment of Animal Models Using Experimental Rats for Allogeneic Tissue Transplantation...

Ossifying Lipoma of the Hand: A Case Report

Towards a Splint-free Repair for Flexor Tendon Injuries

Stonefish Envenomations of the Hand – A Local Marine Hazard: A...

Necrotising Fasciitis and Traditional Medical Therapy – A Dangerous Liaison

Clinical Assessment of Absence of the Palmaris Longus and its Association...

A Tuberculous Midpalmar Abscess of the Hand Due to Reactivation of...

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