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Patient-Surrogate Agreement in Advance Care Planning: Who Are the Surrogates and...

Papular Purpuric Glove and Socks Syndrome with Evolution into Pemphigus Vulgaris

Bicycle-Related Injuries in Paediatric Patients

Periorbital Cellulitis in Paediatric Emergency Medicine Department Patients

Five-Year Review of Patients Presenting with Non-Accidental Injury to a Children’s...

Antenatal Anxiety: Prevalence and Patterns in a Routine Obstetric Population

Climate Change and Infectious Diseases: The Next 50 Years

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Assoc Prof BG (ret) Dr Lim Meng Kin (1950 – 2013)

Glycaemic, Blood Pressure and Low Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Control in Adult Patients with Diabetes...

Duration of Illness, Regional Brain Morphology and Neurocognitive Correlates in Schizophrenia