Volume 52, Number 9
September 2023

Ten consensus statements were developed, focusing on the overall aim of achieving optimal perinatal mental health for women with depression and anxiety.

Read the Consensus statement on Singapore perinatal mental health guidelines on depression and anxiety, published in the September issue of the Annals.

Illustration by Ngiam Li Yi

Shock index: Easy to use, but can it predict outcomes following major abdominal emergency surgery?

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Nurturing professional behaviours and ethical practice: From students to professionals

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Perinatal mental health in Singapore: Implementation opportunities and relevance of gender-carer roles in screening

In this issue of the Annals, the consensus statement on perinatal mental health by Chen et al. covers the handling of depression and anxiety...

Preoperative shock index in major abdominal emergency surgery

Major abdominal emergency surgery (MAES) is a complex and high-risk procedure with a significantly greater risk of complications and mortality as compared to elective...

Development and validation of a new self-assessment tool to measure professionalism among medical students

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