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Progressive Weakness, Cognitive Dysfunction and Seizures

Clinical Outcome in Patients with Negative Rigid Oesophagoscopy for Suspected Foreign...

Comparison of Outcomes of Transcatheter and Surgical Procedure in Perimembranous Ventricular...

Multiple Pathological Fractures Secondary to Endocrinopathy from Thalassaemia

Thirty Years of Bone Marrow Transplantation in the Singapore General Hospital

Evaluation of Efficacy of Chloroquine for Plasmodium Vivax Infection Using Parasite...

Enteric Fever in a Tertiary Paediatric Hospital: A Retrospective Six-Year Review

Disability in Singapore’s Elderly Population

Psychometric Properties of Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale-Cognitive Subscale for Mild Cognitive...

Psychiatric Neurostimulation in Singapore

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Oriental Liver Fluke Infestation Presenting More Than 50 Years After Immigration

Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Validation of Singapore Malay and Tamil Versions of the EQ-5D

Hypoxic-ischaemic Brain Injury in Young Infants