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Volume 48, Number 3
March 2019

Reproduced with permission from: Anonymous

“We’re all in this human experience together, so let’s try to be kind, gracious, and compassionate to each other.”

Kailin Gow
American author

Tuberculosis in Singapore: Past and Future

Tuberculosis—a curable and largely preventable disease—remains one of the top 10 global causes of death today. In 2017, the World Health Organization estimated that 23% of the...

Ethnic Differences and Trends in ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Incidence and Mortality in a Multi-Ethnic Population

Ischaemic heart disease (IHD) is the world’s leading cause of death and is responsible for more than 8 million deaths each year.1 Mirroring global trends, IHD...

The Singapore Heart Failure Risk Score: Prediction of Survival in Southeast Asian Patients

Heart failure is a growing public health problem with a significant disease burden worldwide.1,2 Given the substantial uncertainty associated with disease outcomes,3 risk scores play an important...

Peer Support in Mental Health: A Growing Movement in Singapore

Peer support is a growing global phenomenon in healthcare services. Peers for Progress, an international peer support association based in the University of North Carolina, currently oversees...

Empiric Meropenem-based versus Ceftazidime-based Therapy for Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia in a Retrospective Cohort Study

Optimal antibiotic regimen is unknown for severe community-acquired pneumonia (SCAP) which has mortality rates of up to 67% locally.1 Recommended empiric regimens from the West cannot be...


Review on Epidemic of Obesity

Rationale for Redefining Obesity in Asians


A 52-year-old woman with beading of intracranial arteries

An initial experience with laser haemorrhoidoplasty in addition to mucopexy for...

Previous history of hyperthyroidism in emergency department patients with atrial fibrillation...