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Volume 48, Number 4
April 2019

Reproduced with permission from: Anonymous

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)
South African statesman

Stem Cell Replacement Therapies in Parkinson’s Disease

World Parkinson’s Disease Day—which falls on 11 April—commemorates the birthday of the late physician and geologist, James Parkinson. All around the world, efforts are under way to...

Validating a Standardised Approach in Administration of the Clinical Frailty Scale in Hospitalised Older Adults

Singapore is ageing at an exponential rate. Commensurate with the worldwide trend of population ageing, 13% of residents were aged 65 years and older in 2017...

Electronic Bicycles and Scooters: Convenience at the Expense of Danger?

Electronic bicycles and scooters—or personal mobility devices (PMDs)—are becoming popular means of commute given their convenience, low cost and ease in obtaining regulatory approval. They have also...

First Percutaneous Tricuspid Valve Repair with MitraClip Device in Singapore

Treatment of patients who have severe mitral regurgitation (MR) and tricuspid regurgitation (TR) is surgical repair or replacement. However, it becomes a therapeutic challenge in patients who...

HLA-B*5701 Genotyping for Abacavir Prescription: Re- Examination of its Cost-Effectiveness in Singapore

Abacavir is a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI) that is used to control disease progression of human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV). It reduces the morbidity and mortality of...


Review on Epidemic of Obesity

Rationale for Redefining Obesity in Asians


A 52-year-old woman with beading of intracranial arteries

An initial experience with laser haemorrhoidoplasty in addition to mucopexy for...

Previous history of hyperthyroidism in emergency department patients with atrial fibrillation...